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Property Tax Rates for Chattel Homes in Arizona: A Comprehensive Analysis of County Tax Rates

Property Tax Rates for Chattel Homes in Arizona: A Comprehensive Analysis of County Tax Rates

June 15, 2024 by X2 Mortgage

Owning a chattel home in Arizona comes with its own set of financial considerations, particularly when it comes to property tax rates. These rates vary significantly across different counties in Arizona, impacting homeowners in various ways. In this detailed guide, we explore the nuances of property tax rates for chattel homes in Arizona counties, providing essential insights for current and prospective homeowners alike.

Understanding Property Taxation for Chattel Homes in Arizona 

Chattel homes, also known as manufactured or mobile homes, are a distinct category when it comes to property taxation. Unlike traditional homes built on permanent foundations, chattel homes are often assessed differently due to their mobile nature and varying ownership structures.

Overview of County Tax Rates Across Arizona

Property tax rates in Arizona are primarily determined at the county level and can vary based on local government budgets, property values, and other factors. Here’s a snapshot of property tax rates in select Arizona counties:


Maricopa County: Approximately 0.59% of assessed home value.

Pima County: Approximately 1.04% of assessed home value.

Pinal County: Approximately 0.72% of assessed home value.

Coconino County: Approximately 0.67% of assessed home value.

Yavapai County: Approximately 0.64% of assessed home value.

Mohave County: Approximately 0.68% of assessed home value.

Yuma County: Approximately 0.72% of assessed home value.

Cochise County: Approximately 0.76% of assessed home value.

Santa Cruz County: Approximately 0.66% of assessed home value.


These rates reflect the percentage of a property’s assessed value that homeowners must pay annually in taxes to their respective county governments. Understanding these variations is crucial for budgeting and financial planning purposes.

Factors Influencing Property Tax Rates

Several factors contribute to the determination of property tax rates in Arizona counties:


Local Government Budgets: Counties set tax rates based on their budgetary needs to fund essential services such as education, public safety, and infrastructure.


Property Assessments: The assessed value of the property, which is determined by county assessors, directly impacts the amount of property taxes owed.


Tax Exemptions and Deductions: Arizona offers various exemptions and deductions that can reduce a homeowner’s taxable property value, such as the Senior Property Valuation Protection Option for elderly homeowners.

Planning for Property Taxes as a Chattel Homeowner

As a chattel homeowner in Arizona, understanding your property tax obligations is essential for effective financial planning:


Budgeting: Incorporate property taxes into your monthly budget to ensure timely payments and avoid financial strain.


Exemptions: Explore potential property tax exemptions for which you may qualify, such as the Disabled Veterans Exemption or the Widow/Widower Exemption, to lower your tax liability.


Tax Payment Deadlines: Be aware of property tax payment deadlines in your county to avoid penalties and interest charges.


Navigating property tax rates for chattel homes in Arizona requires a clear understanding of county-specific rates, assessment methodologies, and available exemptions. By staying informed and proactive in managing your property taxes, you can effectively budget for homeownership costs and maximize potential tax savings. For personalized guidance on property taxation and financial planning strategies, consult with a local real estate professional or tax advisor familiar with Arizona’s property tax laws and regulations.


This comprehensive analysis aims to equip chattel homeowners in Arizona with the knowledge needed to navigate property tax rates effectively. By understanding county tax rates and strategic planning considerations, homeowners can make informed decisions to enhance their financial well-being and enjoy the benefits of homeownership in the Grand Canyon State.

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